Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Fault With Fame

On 2/21/17 Kev writes I type....

I was watching a talk show this afternoon that usually portrays a positive family oriented message, and was disappointed by the musical performance that was chosen for today's episode.
The host introduced a rap group that performed a song with lyrics specifically written to glorify selling drugs and violence. There were numerous times during the song where the lyrics clearly displayed these subjects in a positive manner. I was highly upset by this display. After this specific performance the next guest that was brought out was a young child. What message did we send in this instance when we blatantly overlook the previous message that was just displayed? Why does our popular culture continuously work to lower our moral standards and constantly stereotype specific groups in a negative fashion?
When we choose to portray ourselves in a negative fashion, we only work to hold back positive progress in our world. When a child grows up in an inner city community and is continuously subjected to music that portrays his culture and community in a way that only displays negative attributes and criminal lifestyle choices, that child becomes conditioned into believing that he or she is only entitled to live in this negative pattern due to his or her socioeconomic condition or because of his or her specific race. In return, these specific setbacks that they long to escape from only become more permanent when we choose not to change the message.
When will people start to have the guts to stand up for what they know is right? Show our children, our world,  a better way to live by not accepting the negative messages we have become accustomed to.
I just believe that if we truly want anything to change..we must first start becoming that change. This starts with ourselves. We must chose to show the world a different way to live by having the courage to portray a different message. Until we are able to show all people no matter what community they live in... no matter what color their skin is,,, no matter what difference...that we all have the same opportunity,  because we are all the same..We are all human...nothing will change.
I want you all to interact to this post by finding a positive person in pop culture or the media, and place an example of how they are using their fame in a way that benefits our world.
Place your findings in the comment section of this post and help create a mirror for a different message to be reflected.

Today's positive affirmation: I will represent a message worth hearing for all to benefit from.

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