Monday, February 20, 2017


2/19/17 Kev writes I type.....

The world can be a very dark and unpredictable place. At times, we all need a light to guide us back to safety the same way a sailor uses a lighthouse to guide him or her back to shore.  Sometimes we get caught drifting towards nowhere and lose sight of our destination...we search for that beacon of hope to help guide us where we need to be. When you begin to accept that light inside become an illuminated example of positivity. When we shine we also shine for others. I notice the more content I become with myself... the more happiness I have and it's that same happiness that shines for others to see and find comfort in.  I can't count the number of times in these past months where another inmate has chosen to confide their problems to me in the hope that I will be able to offer them guidance. I never try to preach to someone who is struggling, I only attempt to offer my own experience, strength and hope. I try to offer them suggestions that could lead them to that same light they sense in me. In those moments it is another clear example of how we are all mirrors reflecting into each other.
If you are filled with negativity and a discontent within yourself, you end up becoming the wave that pulls the rest of the world around you into discontent. When we become lost in our own selfish battle to satisfy ourselves, we turn off that light that shines inside us that can help others find their way to serenity. We all look to one another for some form of guidance. In my recovery I have discovered that I cannot offer something to someone else that I do not yet have within myself...
I had to find that way to the light house within me in order to shine for others. We feed off the energy we sense in others. It is evident in history just how powerful self confidence can be with regard to persuading those around us. Even the most negative and horrible human beings have had the ability to lead millions into false ideas and beliefs. They used their self confidence to help control those around them in order to satisfy their own selfish desires.  Their beacon was a false light. We must be grounded in selfless intentions when we work to help others. Today, I would never try to take advantage of another human being's weakness in order to satisfy myself. I now strive to be an example of how happiness, hard work and self acceptance can bring so much into your life. When others can sense that happiness inside you that they are searching for inside themselves, they can find direction. It is our duty to become that lighthouse of guidance they can use to find that contentment. It starts with us first. Become the open arms that help pull those lost at sea to shore..Every day try to lead by example by committing yourself to what you know is right, even if the rest of the world seems to be against you. Do not allow the misery that corrupts our path dictate what you know to be as your personal truth. Let your light shine for others to follow!
I ask you all to do something each day to help lead those who are lost inside back to happiness. Respect yourself by respecting others and you will end up not only guiding yourself to peace, you will end up guiding others towards a new sense of happiness and hope.
Use the comment space on this page to be a lighthouse for someone you know or love...

Today's positive affirmation: I will become the beacon of happiness that others can find their smile in.

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