Thursday, February 9, 2017

Walking With Our Shadows

I missed this post from Kevin early on and wanted to get it on here.

On 1/23/17 Kevin writes, I type:

Don't ever be afraid to peel off your darkness and leave it by your side. We all have to be able to walk with our shadows. Realize that one thing can never define you unless you allow it to. Life is mostly a complex string of events defined by our reaction to them. You can either let a moment hold you hostage or you can use it to push forward. Life is going to come at you regardless, and we can't always duck or dodge what is in front of us. We must realize that the more we stray from our path to run from something we have fear of facing...the more lost we end up. True strength comes from standing your ground in times of adversity.
I've made my mistakes in life, but I've learned I must never let it define my future self. My past mistakes are the shadows I keep beside me. I allow them to be a healthy reminder of where I have been, Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow and learn to be content within the moment. I feel like throughout each day its important to refocus our minds. We are beautiful machines...but like every machine we all require maintenance. Daily maintenance is an important part of our lives. When we hold onto a moment for too long we can become consumed by it. Daily maintenance is about keeping vigilance over your thoughts and emotions, and is about being able to let go and live on. I believe that true happiness comes from being able to have acceptance. Not just being able to accept you own self for the beautiful person you are, but being able to accept others for how they are and where they are in life. When we learn to keep our side of the street clean, we become examples for our neighbors. We feed off each other.. misery loves company. We must understand that a light will always shine brighter in the dark. When we learn to walk with our own shadows, we learn to shine for others.

Today's positive affirmation: I am the lighter in the darkness providing warmth for my fellow man.

Read! Comment! Reflect happiness, hope and strength. Become a mirror of acceptance.

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  1. Kevin's writing has always been a pleasure to read as well as to listen to. He has such great talent and I'm happy he has found a way to be heard. I hope things are the best that they can be for him. He crosses my mind and I wonder how he's doing. He has a special place in my heart, just wish I could've done more but I know that it wasn't for me to do. I look forward to reading more...
    Sheri, so awesome for you to do this!!