Monday, February 13, 2017

Evasive Action

On 2/12/17 Kev writes, I type...

We must learn to evade fear by fighting back with hope. We have nothing to fear but ourselves..If we become examples of positivity, we avoid the pitfalls of negative outcomes in our lives. I truly believe we were created not to harm each other because in doing so we harm our species as a whole. Fear leads to ignorance and it is that same ignorance that destroys the true connection we are meant to share with one another. The truth is.. we are built to love. Some of us have never been shown what real love truly means. True love is not found through our own selfish satisfactions, but is found through the selfless expression we share with each other. Being able to accept all life as the same precious force that drives and connects us all is the very thing that will lead us to understand love and help evade hate.
We evade death by accepting that life, all life, is the most beautiful thing that exists. We are all connected....every flower will bloom, every flower will die but if we do not nourish the very soil we sow our seeds in we will perish.
Each day when I wake up , I remind myself of all the things I am grateful for...I remember where I have been and use that reminder as a guide for personal growth. Life is not perfection, life is progress. When we are able to take the right steps forward we are able to leave a path in which future generations can follow and learn from.
Think of your selves as a business. If we make healthy investments we will reap healthy returns but if we make negative investments not only do we destroy the future for ourselves, we destroy the future for each other. It is true that change happens through trial and error and we must learn those errors in order to change. If we sit in our indecisions, we end up closing the door on life. Sometimes we have to keep walking through that door in order to get where we truly need to be. Redirect yourself when you find life becoming the thing that holds you back from living...

Today's positive affirmation: I will accept all life for the benefit of life..

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