Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pain As A Platform

On 2/7/17 Kev writes and I type:

It only takes a small glimmer of light to spread like wildfire. The more light that spreads in the face of darkness the easier it will be to find a brighter future.
I once listened to a preacher speak about using our pain as a platform..We must begin to learn from our past experiences ad use that pain as a catalyst for progress. The resentments we hold against each other will only work to pull us apart. Integrity is a stronger binding agent than hate...We must learn to accept each other an d ourselves in order to move forward. We were all created I the same image and must be able to accept each other's differences. The point is that we are all of on conscious. We are all connected because we are all..Human. We must stand together in order to serve our greatest concern and that is the survival of our humanity. The pain of being human is our greatest platform to stand on. We all relate to one another in some way or other, and we must be able to realize that standing together instead of standing apart is key.
Whatever type of pain you have experienced in your must remember that someone else has shared that same pain. If we begin to share our experiences with each other..we can begin to use that pain to create hope. Our connection to each other is one of our greatest strengths.
One of the best concepts I've been able to experience through recovery is found in the shard experience of one addict helping another. This same concept can be used to help more than just addict to find a better way of life. We learn from each other but until we are able to accept each other, we learn nothing.
I'm asking all of you to give each other a chance. Realize that no matter how different in appearance we may seem that we have one thing in common...We are human! Show you care by showing you are the same...Share your triumph over the struggles in your life with the next person and use your pain as a platform

Today's positive affirmation: I will share my experience, strength ad hope with the next person.

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