Friday, February 10, 2017

Invisible Beauty

On 2/9/17 Kev writes and I type...

Sometimes the most beautiful things cannot be seen, they have to be felt.
Place your hand over your you feel that beat? That timeless melody that carries our soul..that voice that teaches us to love...
Sometimes you have to close your eyes to see what you can't when they are open....just listen to that song that plays within you,There is no song sweeter than the one we sing with our soul.
We are all instruments in a much bigger symphony...what way will you sing your song?
This life is a blank canvas just waiting for a masterpiece to be painted...
True beauty....
Is a soldier that carries a wounded friend from the battlefield, A doctor saving lives. A mother giving birth. True beauty is a moment where life becomes real, and love becomes seen.
I once watched a news clip where a man was trapped in flooding water.....bystanders locked arms in a chain that reached into the river and saved that drowning man. When those arms locked together with selfless could feel that invisible moment where separate lives came together for the benefit of one another...that was beauty.
When multiple instruments play together, a song becomes more beautiful. When we lay down our personal satisfaction to satisfy humanity..our whole world becomes more beautiful.
Life will always come and go like the swaying of the tide, but the sun will always be the mainstay.What we leave in the light before darkness comes will dictate the future of days to come...
What song will you leave inside the breeze?
There is invisible beauty inside us all,,we must reach down and share it with one another...we must learn to play our song.

Today's positive affirmation: I will be an instrument of love, and a song worth hearing.

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