Wednesday, February 1, 2017


2/1/17 Kev writes.....

We spend our whole lives searching for a true meaning to life...The cycle of suffering continuously spins throughout our daily lives. We fear losing control so much, but don't seem to realize that most of the time....We are NOT in control. We search for happiness but fail to realize that happiness is not found...Happiness is comes from within, and is something that cannot be purchased or gained outwardly.
The true meaning of life for me is about being able to break that cycle of suffering. So, just how do we equip ourselves for this epic battle?
Being incarcerated has been able to show me the true ugliness of human suffering..The greatest suffering comes from within the human soul. I watch men destroy each other on a daily basis for the sole purpose of self-satisfaction. Not only do I watch inmates act in this way..I see the people that work here treat one another in the same awful manner.  I see the insecurities, pride and resentments found in each individual work to not only tear themselves apart from the inside, but I see them become the walls that block us from progress.
I don't try to distance myself from the men in here....I strive to be a healthy example that they can not only relate to, but also be able to find hope and strength from. I've committed myself to being a reflection that demonstrates what true change takes and what change means. Most of these men have become so bogged down by the guilt of their actions that they end up succumbing to the image they believe the rest of the world will see them as. When we give up on life..We not only give up on our own life but we kill what benefit we could have been for the betterment of other's lives. This is the cycle of suffering that keeps our species in a steady decline. This type of suffering is what keeps these men constantly trapped in the justice system.
We must commit ourselves towards becoming the change we wish to see. In order to stop the things that destroy our communities...We must first become the examples our children can follow.
Our response to the events that shape our lives dictate the landscape to those around us.

What will you commit to? I leave this question for you all to reflect on, and for you to reflect back. Post a picture that demonstrates your commitment towards positive change in the world. Hold a door for someone, give a compliment to someone, do something positive and share it here! #COMMIT

Today's Positive Affirmation: I will be the strength others can find hope in.

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  1. What an amazing young man! I hope you never give up on writing...or on yourself. You have much to offer this crazy, messed up world! Looking forward to reading more.