Thursday, February 9, 2017

An Equal Yoke

On 2/3/17 Kevin writes:

We are all connected and bound together through our actions and experiences in life...presentation is everything. We must be willing to become a equal yoke that represents a worthwhile existence. Alone we are only able to be single pieces of fabric..  When we become a combined effort and place our strength in righteous cause we become a foundation that young minds can stand on, build from and make a better future.
Imagine the human race depicted as a massive body of water. We ebb and flow together through time. The more we resist the currents of our inevitable connections, the more we end up becoming a sea of uncertainty and chaos. We must be able to embrace each other's flaws and imperfections. We are life cycles that affect the next spin, and until we are able to lay down our ignorance and embrace our fellow man we will continue to crash like waves against a disappearing shore.
What will you stand for? What will you represent? Let us be the tides that turn..changing the course of expected history one wave at a time.
We must not hold unreal expectation for one another. Where you are in your life whether it be spiritual, mental or emotional does not mean the next man is in the same place. We must be able to respect our cultural differences, and learn from each other. Trying to understand what drives another man's actions brings us greater insights within ourselves. We strive for progress but must realize that there will always be room for us to grow.
Have responsible for planting seeds that are worth growing.
I hope together we can grow, blossom and spread a meaningful existence for our children and most importantly for ourselves because the true change begins with our own actions. We must portray the image we want to be painted...and we are all an equal yoke.

Today's positive affirmation: I have the willingness and understanding to accept my fellow man and continuously strive to be a positive example.

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