Monday, January 30, 2017

Whispers In The Wind

On 1/29/17 Kev writes:

Most of us move so fast through life and never stop to listen to the wind...Sometimes that voice we have been searching for is a whisper in the wind....
Learning to find serenity and live life on life's terms has become an essential part of my recovery process. Being incarcerated has taught me about the meaning of true patience....
Most spiritual principles coincide with one another...patience breeds acceptance which then in turn breeds serenity. I have learned that true compassion is about being able to care about the next man's suffering. I think in our society we tend to focus on the negative traits in people, but fail to try to understand just how those negative traits came about. Unfortunately we cannot make everyone happy, but we can share happiness and inject hope into our society....sharing core values and reflecting positive traits is a demonstration of unconditional love and is allows us to show that by caring for our neighbor's well-being we not only create better communities but a better world.
We must not be clouded by cultural divide, but be united by one undeniable fact and that is that we are all the same. Our collective conscious is the life force we must use to produce change.
I feel most of us have a hard time believing in something greater than ourselves...if this is the case for any of you out there reading this, try believing in each other!
Together we are a force greater than ourselves! Let us all be whispers in the wind and carry the seeds of hope!

Read, comment! Reflect hope, love and strength!

Today's positive affirmation: Together we are the force that drives the rain through the leaves, and life to new seeds.

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