Friday, January 27, 2017


On 1/26/17 Kevin writes, I type......

Honesty has become one of the most important core values in my new way of life. Living by a code of honesty allows us to gain a true understanding of ourselves. Honesty breeds acceptance. As I've told you all before, I am a grateful recovering addict. I am currently writing this from Noble Correctional Institution. I have been incarcerated close to two years now and I am in the process of serving a five year sentence. I am blessed to be where I am today. I allowed my addiction to heroin to take me to some very dark places and if I had not been arrested when I had, I would most likely be dead.
Since I've been incarcerated, I've decided to dedicate myself to a new way of life through a twelve step recovery program. I use daily maintenance as a way to hold my emotions, thinking and actions accountable. I work the steps with an outside sponsor and I dedicate myself to helping others. I am working towards starting a recovery-based business, and using this blog to reach out to those in need of help. I am attempting to build a recovery network that will hopefully become a part of a greater movement in the near future. My greatest ambition and drive is to become a part of the solution in regards to the many social issues we face in our society. I refuse to become a statistic, and understand the keys to freedom come from within.
I was already inside an emotional, mental and spiritual prison before reaching the confines of an actual physical prison. Our hearts and minds can become the most dangerous prisons we ever have to face. They are able to hold us back from our true potential and leave us in a stagnant state of existence. As I said above, the  keys to freedom lie within ourselves. We must be able to face our own reflection and honestly accept our shortcomings. Being able to let go of my past transgressions has allowed me to accept myself. I practice personal accountability through a rigorous routine of self- assessment and daily meditation.  I share my positive experiences with others in order to gain a greater insight within myself. I facilitate positive programming for other inmates like myself and chair my own twelve step meetings to give back what I've gained through my own process. This type of service work is beneficial not only for those I share it with but also towards my own personal growth. I think sometimes that we feel one person does not have  the ability to change the whole world but that is not the case. One person's actions are able to cause a ripple effect....What waves can you make?
If we are able to share one positive thing to the next man on a daily basis we can change the overall landscape in our society and world. My mission is to be a catalyst for others to want to change the world around them. We must be able to surrender our pride to be a benefit to others. It starts with one person helping the next and causes a chain reaction that will end up affecting millions. When we stand together undivided-we become stronger together.
When you read my posts not only do I want you to provide positive commentary...I want you to share your own experience with the next person by being the creative, innovative beautiful people I know you all can be. Don't just use words to reflect the way you share this creative and ambitious! We need to have the courage to speak out in a positive manner...Realize that negativity and violence provides no solution for the problems we face in this world. Our greatest hope lies in developing a deep connection with one another on a social level. I will continue to stress the fact that community based problems need community based solutions. We must create a community that shares hope, strength and positivity.
I am excited to see the reaction we are able to create together. We do this by sharing our experience to the next person struggling. If we are able to reach just one person each..that one person will have the chance to reach the next person. Help me to create a movement that will benefit our world in a positive manner. We are the MIRRORS reflecting hope! You are accepted no matter what! As we surrender our fear, anger and pride....we begin to accept each other. Our hearts, minds and hands connect to a world worth living in. We can share a better future by becoming a better people.

Today's positive affirmation: Let my reflection be an image of hope for all those who suffer in this world.

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