Friday, January 27, 2017

Undivided Attention

1/24/17...Kevin writes:

I see hope in the flowers blooming between the cracks in the pavement. Our young people are the seeds of our species. They need our UNDIVIDED attention. The only way to break the cycle of our past mistakes is by creating a new wheel. When we look into our children's eyes, we should always desire the best parts of us to be what is reflected. Our children experience our experiences, failures and successes. They emulate our very being. As a society we tend to forget that it takes more than good parents to raise a child, it takes a good community. I believe that we have clouded our conception of acceptable value systems. We have created a generation of entitled, selfish, vain children. We allow outside forces to influence and corrupt our children through media and pop culture propaganda. We are at war with ourselves.
In an age of connection, why do we feel so disconnected? Love is the ultimate weapon. We must love ourselves first to be able to love one another. True love starts with acceptance. When will we be able to surrender our individual pride for the common welfare of our species? We use violence in our streets to try and promote change. We must demonstrate hope and understanding in order to motivate the masses towards a more positive path. We are divided through our own ignorance and inability to accept ourselves. Until we realize we are not more unique the man or woman standing next to us we will continue to be at war with one another.
We are living in an age where we can share every experience in an instant but we fail to tap into the positive possibilities of tv, radio and social media. We must come together and share hope with each other. Today, I ask you to spread a message of acceptance. Spread a message of hope and do your best to be a positive example to a child. I was once told in a recovery group to write a letter to my ten year old self. What would you say to your younger selves?
I will keep this post short and look forward to share and read your comments. Share and be a relentless force of hope!

Today's positive affirmation: I will no longer be bound by the chains of pride.

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