Monday, January 23, 2017

We Are All Mirrors Facing Mirrors

We are all reflections of the world around us. We all have the capacity to be beautiful and we all have the capacity to be ugly. When we lose our focus on the bigger reflection that surrounds us and instead become centered around our own vain intentions... We become a trapped reflection. Our inability to accept ourselves becomes the obstacle that holds us back from our true potential. It can make us a slave to selfishness...As human beings we share a profound connection to one another. Many of us don't realize the impact we are able to leave on a life. Even if you don't have a child of your own that looks up to you for guidance, we all have "children" watching...Next time you find yourself in a public place...Try and be aware of just how many eyes are constantly watching you.
Have you ever listened to a song that was able to change your whole attitude, or been inspired so much by something you've seen that it changes your emotions or outlook? Those types of situations are the tangible evidence of the complex connection we share with one another. If we could just begin to look past our own reflection and find contentment within ourselves, we would have the chance to start changing the larger reflection that surrounds us. We would be able realize that we gain nothing through our own selfish devices...It is the legacy we create for each other that defines our existence.
This starts with our own self acceptance.Communication is a beautiful thing...but we have to be able to communicate with ourselves first. However, we have to beware. We can allow our minds to become the mouth of our greatest enemy, the mouth of our greatest critic and a friend that leads us down the wrong path. This can lead our hearts to be filled with doubt, hate or fear. Or...we can instead start allowing our minds to become the contagious anthems of an infectious change and thus our hearts become the true proof of working beauty.
As a recovering addict I know firsthand what fear and self doubt are capable of...for me to truly begin to live the life I was supposed to be living I had to find contentment within myself ...I had to face my mirror and no longer be blinded by the scars and flaws I see reflected on the outside...I looked inside to find courage to see the beautiful person inside that I kept hidden for so long.
I believe as human beings no matter what race, cultural background, sexual orientation, etc., we all have experiences in life that are relatable and significant. I've been where you've been. Maybe not in the same sense but from one human being to another...we all face the condition of suffering throughout our lives. Learning to live with who you are is being able to understand that there is no excuse but to be the best person you can be. We are all mirrors facing mirrors and our actions and lives reflect in to one another for better or for worse.  Let us not be trapped reflections but share ourselves to help bring hope and happiness to the next person.
I am responsible for the change I wish to see in my own reflection and in the larger reflection that is the world. Each morning I face my mirror and give myself strength by accepting who I am. If you are lost inside your mirror and feel as if no one understands what you are going through, I invite you to come share your reflection in a mirror of acceptance. I wish for this blog to be a place where anyone can come find hope and share their life experiences to benefit the next let move beyond the frame of our trapped reflections and join in the bigger reflection that is life.
Change starts with action. Read! Comment! Reflect hope, happiness and strength! Become the mirrors for a better world to be reflected in.
Today's positive affirmation: We are never defined by the amount of time we fall, we are defined by the amount of times we choose to stand back up. My darkness is the shadow reminding me of a new sun that rises. I am the light that fills all voids and gives a voice to silent struggle.


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