Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Price Too High To Pay

On 2/25/17 Kev writes and I type....

The decisions we make in this life all come at a cost...I know first hand what my negative decisions in life have cost me. When we don't think before we act, or we act out of pure self-seeking behavior we end up costing ourselves more pain instead of the pleasure we attempt to seek.
I think people fail to realize that you don't have to be famous to make an impact visually. We make an impact on the rest of the world through the way we choose to live our lives . Our personal decisions are the subtle imprints we leave in life. When we die it will be the moments we have shared with one another that will determine what legacy we leave to be followed. If the world is a stage, what will be remembered about your "performance"?
My heart is no longer content in just letting life pass me by. I am able to part my lips today without fear and smile. Happiness comes to me the most at the end of each day when I lay my head to rest, knowing that I made the right decisions throughout the day.
The little things we choose to do right each day matter. They not only benefit our own well-being, they also benefit those around you.
Life is not a gentle ride...There are speed bumps. It is what we choose to do when we hit those bumps that matter the most. I used to run to drugs and alcohol to solve everything I did not want to face head on in this life...In the end the cost became to high for me to pay, and those same speed bumps became mountains.
Today, I choose not only to climb those mountains..I choose to create a path that offers guidance for others like myself to follow.
We must realize that we all have something that others can learn from..our actions become the blueprint for those around us to follow and build a better world from. In reality we are all teachers of our own truth, and we are all parts of a very similar machine. take time each day to decide just what mark you leave on the world around you.

Today's positive affirmation: Self-destruction is too high a price to pay. I will never take being alive for granted!

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