Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Keys Inside Our Heart

On 3/10/17 Kev writes, I type...

One decision is capable of changing the world. When we make negative decisions in our lives, we degrade the value of our existence and is so doing degrade the value of the world around us.  Life is a massive lake and the residual effect of our actions and decisions become the ripples that change the current. Our decisions are stones cast in that lake. When we make the right decision we are like the stone that skips across the water. When we continue to make negative decisions, we are the stone that sinks and we continue to fill that lake until there is no more water left. 
Recently I was helping inmates in a recovery based class called  "Breaking The Cycle". I was using a diagram that a councilor had used to teach me about the cost of negative actions. I gave the men in the class a scenario where they are about to commit a crime. I attempted to make them understand they have two choices..."Do I or Don't I..
I then asked what the cost is for them to choose to make the right decision and then asked them what the opposite effect would be if they chose to cross that negative threshold. Most of us have never been able to realize just how much our compulsive actions can negatively effect the world around us. Sometimes our blind pride can lead us straight into the depths of hell.
I have realized that I had to replace my negative thinking in order to make the right decisions. The Roman philosopher Lucretius once said " Fear is the root of all evil." I now understand that the cost of not changing was greater than choosing to try. Change is our greatest fear. We must be willing to replace the darkness with light.
It's hard to believe in have to make them. If you want change you have to fight for it, not against it.
Each of us have so much to offer the world. Don't let your voice be the sinking stone! We all have keys inside our hearts, although they may be buried and covered in the debris of our bad decisions. It's time to chisel off that rust . Find those keys , and unlock the doors to a better life!

Today's positive affirmation: The fear of changing is more destructive than change itself..

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