Sunday, April 30, 2017

Transplanting A New Way OF Life

On 4/27/17 Kev writes, I type:

We all feed off each other..One of the most amazing things I see happen in recovery based meetings is the new way of life that is found through the shared experiences of one addict helping another...When I thoroughly worked the twelve steps with a sponsor... I have learned by living the steps on a daily basis that I would be able to transplant the new way of life that I had found into the next person struggling. The death of our old habits can offer life to the next person in need... gaining the understanding that we are no better or worse than the person next to us - will help us to become an asset for each other.. We can always learn from one another. Even when someone displays a negative thinking pattern or chooses to live their life in a destructive way..we can still learn from watching their experiences and using them to gain a greater insight into what we must do in our own lives to eliminate that same scenario from happening to us...Our shared experiences are what makes this crazy world go round...we don't have to agree on the choices people make, but we can use what we learn not only from our own negative choices, but from the negative choices of others to better our lives and in return help better the lives of others who are in similar situations....
When a surgeon transplants a new heart....he would never choose to transplant a defective organ into someone in need of a healthy replacement. This same concept holds true to life in general. In order to convey the right message we have to first practice what we preach. Plus, how could we convey an experience we have not yet lived? By demonstrating the benefit of being a good person, we in turn create an image that others can learn from...we plant the seeds of a new life much the same way a surgeon transplants a healthy organ into a person needing that new organ. We can transplant a new way of life and give the world a better heart and a better beat to follow...

Today's Positive Affirmation: I will be the healthy example that breathes new life into those in need..

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