Sunday, April 30, 2017

Taking The High Road

On 4/23/17 Kev writes, I type:

On of the biggest things I've learned to practice on a daily basis is the concept of acceptance.I feel like most people in today's world struggle with this concept, and in return it becomes the reason why we are constantly at war with one another. All the hate, aggression and violence usually seems to stem from our inability to accept each other's return no common ground is found.and nothing seems to change. We end up spending more time tearing each other down instead of working together to make our world a better place. Until people are able to look past blatant ignorance and realize that no matter what our cultural differences may be , no matter what the color of our skin may be, no matter what our spiritual preferences may be and no matter what gender we end up choosing to love.  we are all human beings,,,
I'm not saying that we have to surrender our own opinions. or that we stand down in the face of oppression; what I'm saying is that when we end up leaving our minds closed to the possible things we can learn from one another...we end up losing ourselves in the process. I've learned that sometimes to win the fight we must be able to take the high road..That road is found through acceptance.
You can't reason with rage, you can't reason with hate..So, instead of choosing to give into what rage and hate creates which is violence, we show our strength through acceptance. Love is the only thing that is truly able to defeat hate.  rage and violence. By being  the best human beings we can be, and keeping an open mind,...we become able to gain greater understanding for the capacity and power of love. Love is the cornerstone of peace, and through peace we can begin to learn how to exist together.
Let our shared experiences become the driving force that leads us through the darkness and into a brighter world. My journey us defined by progress rather than perfection..I choose to live each day with an understanding for all those who enter my life, even when our minds may clash. I try to learn from each person I meet. I don't understand all the mysteries that this world holds, but one thing I do understand is that love conquers all....

Today's Positive Affirmation: I choose to understand that my journey may be different than the person standing next to me. but I know there will always be a lesson to be learned from each person that I meet,,,We build a temple within ourselves, and lay each stone with love.

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