Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Ledge

On 3/19/17 Kev writes, I type....

There are moments in our lives that truly define us. Life is about having the right leverage at the right time. Most of our lives are spent trying to gain that leverage in preparation for that one moment. Some people spend their entire lives without truly living because they become so consumed by that moment that they have planned for inside their minds.
We love feeling that we have control of everything when in fact we are not in control of really much to begin with. We can plan and work for something , but when it doesn't go our way we fall apart. Our inner ego is such a powerful force. It can be our driving force to accomplish miraculous things or it can be the thing that destroys us from the inside out...
Life is unpredictable and the only thing we truly have control of is our reaction to it. When we try to control life itself, it tends to pull us apart. We allow our perceptions of ourselves to take on a life of their own.We end up losing the true identity of who we are with who we think we should be according to the rest of the world around us...Left to it's own devices our own self is capable of running wild . We can all end up standing on the ledge of existence face to face with ourselves holding onto our inner ego . It will attempt to pull us off , but if we find the strength to let go and stand our ground we will be able to see new horizons. Not allowing ourselves to be controlled by what's inside will bring about new purpose in our lives .,,
The fear of the unknown can be a very scary thing. We can face life by living within each moment. If you are facing fear, anxiety and worry within your life....Push it off that ledge..Live in each moment. That's the terms we sign with life...

Today's positive affirmation: I will attempt to live life on life's terms each day and in every moment.

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