Wednesday, April 5, 2017


On 3/29/2017 Kev writes, I type..

We must never forget where it is we came from. In the garden of our existence, our roots create the blossom of who we become and sometimes who we strive to be.  We must always be vigilant of the negative forces that surround us...if left unchecked, they can warp the perception we have of ourselves and stain the beauty of who we truly are. We should never allow our garden to become infested with unnecessary weeds.  We change the world around us by first changing ourselves into the proper examples of that change... We can become the flowers that grow between the cracks in the pavement. By becoming the right examples we create the roots for the world around us to grow from. I see true hope in those who choose to lead by example, and the people who truly grow from their experiences, but never forget where they came from.  The way we choose to nourish the roots of who we are will dictate the people we end up becoming....

Today's positive affirmation: I will never forget where I came from, but I will never let my past keep me from a brighter future...

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  1. I stumbled upon this blog today and I've been reading it all morning. I remember kev from school, but i wasn't aware of the severity of his situation. I'm so glad that he got out of that dark place. I think he could really help a lot people and I hope he's successful in doing so. I really do.