Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unwrapping Our Gifts

On 4/11/17 Kev writes I type...

I believe that every single human being on the face of this planet has something beautiful inside to offer the rest of the world. We all have special gifts. I feel like most of us spend our lives searching in the wrong places for what we already have inside. It's true that our experiences mold us into who we are, but I also believe that each of us have a special gift or talent that is already stitched into the fabric of who we are. Sometimes we have to pull the layers back until we are able to get close to the prize that's inside , and once we find it we have to hold onto it, nurture it and share it with the rest of the world.
The greatest artists and writers didn't just create their amazing work to sit unnoticed, they offered up pieces of themselves to help benefit the rest of the world. Some gifts involve sacrifice...a doctor who trains his hands and mind to save lives, while a police officer puts his own life on the line to benefit his community. We should all be soldiers fighting for each other instead of always fighting against one another.
Sometimes those experiences that test us the most in our life end up leading to a better understanding of what our gifts have to offer the rest of humanity. As we peel back the layers of our inner being we become closer to who we truly are. The real gift is about being able to find our individuality, and having the courage to share it with the rest of the world.
I've always been a creative person .. I realize that after all I have gone through that my true calling for my gift will be the ability to help create a better world for those around me. I have hope that people will start looking more inside themselves for something special rather than always relying on something on the outside to make them feel complete..When we allow our true hearts to shine through the way we choose to express ourselves, we help create a world with less darkness...we give the gift of hope.

Today's positive affirmation: I will allow the way I choose to live my life to reflect a gift of happiness for the rest of the world to share in..

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