Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rubber Bands

On 6/25/17 Kev writes, I type...

We will always face challenges to get us where we want to be in our lives. Sometimes, the harder we push against our opposition creates even great resistance. We must always be persistent with our ambition...every challenge is like a rubber band..Our persistence will be the force that allows us to break free from its resistance. We can't allow ourselves to be defeated by opposition and must realize everything cannot happen all at once.
Persistence creates cracks in resistance. A cracked rubber band is weak and eventually breaks. It takes time, however. Nothing worth having will ever come easy. We have to fight for it and just as in a fight, what we are fighting against will always push back. It's in those moments that we cannot give up..standing your ground in the face of adversity is true strength..eventually every rubber band will break...
Our relentless determination becomes the weapon we use to defeat our challenges in life...push against the resistance that holds you back from what you want in life and don't allow your self to be pulled back into a state of defeat.
There are times the greatest resistance we face in our lives is the resistance we create for ourselves through our negative actions and thoughts...Our inability to accept ourselves can make us spiritually bankrupt and hold us down from becoming the best person we can be. When we learn to accept ourselves, we make it easier to accept life and we gain a greater understanding of our true purpose.
The toughest resistance we face is the resistance from within. When we learn to break free from the chains that hold us inside through personal acceptance , we no longer allow ourselves to be defined by outside perceptions. Our progress will then be determined through our persistent effort to change.
Success is a limitless horizon and the only thing blocking the light in our path is merely our own shadow...

Today's Positive Affirmation: The only resistance that is acceptable is the resistance to never give up!

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