Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Yin and Yang of Selfishness and Selflessness

On 7/7/17 Kev writes, I type:

I believe it's necessary for there to be a balance of selfishness and selflessness in our lives. It is vital for me to be selfish about my own personal recovery because unless I am able to be the best person I can be, I will be useless to those around me. This type of selfishness allows me to be a more selfless person in the long run...when I'm able to feel true contentment within myself, I'm able to better understand how I can be of use to others in a positive light.
In active addiction my selfishness was one of my greatest burdens not only on my family and loved ones but on myself as well. I was completely self-involved with a negative force that left me spiritually bankrupt, and caused me to lose sight of what it truly is to live. If you really think about life..everything we achieve and do positive in our lives really provides some type of service or inspiration for others. By being selfish about a process that allows me to change for the better...I become a more selfless individual dedicated towards the betterment of my fellow man. It becomes truly about learning how to find the balance between the positives and negatives in our lives..There's a yin and yang between selfishness and selflessness, If you were able to change the negative perceptions of the world with your words, art, intellect , talent, etc., would you not be selfish about being the best you could possible be at what it is you do? The greater understanding that you have of yourself, the greater you benefit the person next to you by gaining a greater understanding of how you are able to use your own experience, strength and hope to do so....If you are selfless for selfish reason you end up contradicting the entire meaning of being selfless.
Selflessness is defined through actions that benefit others with no intended benefit for yourself . When we find balance within ourselves, and become vital parts of our community.. we end up becoming the cogs in the gears of positive progress. I'll continue to say that human nature will always be about learning to live for each other by first learning to live with ourselves.

Today's Positive Affirmation: I will find balance within myself in order to bring balance to those around me.

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