Saturday, August 5, 2017

Diagram Of A Fall

On 8/1/17 Kev writes and I type..

Have you ever had a glass slip from the dinner table, and you just watch it shatter on the floor right before your eyes? You just watch it and do nothing to stop it. I've witnessed my own mind do the exact thing on a daily basis. What if you could learn to catch that glass before it hits the floor? What if you could be in tune with your thoughts and catch yourself before things shatter in your life? This is really what learning to live in the moment is all about...being able to have a clear understanding of our minds gives us a greater insight into ourselves. When we learn to understand the delusions that exist inside of us...we begin to realize what drives our anger, pain and ultimately our suffering.
We may not have total control of the outside forces or the perceptions of others, but one thing we do have control over is our own minds..we all have the ability to control the way we allow our minds to react to those outside forces.
When we are able to leave our perception of self, and be content with who we are, we begin to transcend the boundaries that oftentimes hold us back from enjoying life to it's fullest. 
Define your existence through concentrating on each moment, and learning to accept them each for what they are. Each breath that we take holds the essence of who we are inside, learning the inner working of our soul brings us closer to our spiritual nature and allows us the chance to reach a higher state of existence. When we leave our preconceived notions of self behind us, we not only learn how to catch that glass falling from the table-we learn how to set the table for a feast worth having..a feast called life...

Today's Positive Affirmation: I leave selfishness behind by first learning to accept myself, and is doing so I learn to accept others, and truly love them for who they are......

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