Saturday, May 20, 2017

#Victory Favors The Brave

On 5/11/17 Kev writes, I type:

What does it mean to be truly brave? I feel like our victories in life can be determined by how brave we are in the face of our greatest adversity. The success we achieve throughout the course of our lives is accomplished through having  the courage to be who we truly are...Victory favors the brave, because only those who are dauntless have the strength to fight for what they want. We get nowhere by succumbing to defeat or by giving up before the miracle happens...Sometimes, in the darkest moments of our lives -by being brave- we can find that one light that guides us towards the happiest moment we may ever find....
There's a famous quote that says "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Standing on that ledge called change can be a scary place to find yourself. Change itself goes against our very nature as human beings..., but having the courage to take that leap of faith can sometimes be the deciding factor between victory and failure...Face yourself in order to find yourself, and your whole world will change. Bravery is about being able to fight for what you know is right...Sometimes the only difference between winning a battle is being able to know how to lose first in order to find the strength to win the war..Victory favors the brave and the brave use their hearts as weapons, not their hands . With love we win all wars, with unconditional love, we arrest the possibility of war and find victory over hate..Bravery is LOVE and victory favors the brave.

Today's Positive Affirmation: I have the courage to not only face myself, but the courage to change the world with love, because I know victory favors the brave!

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